Area Surveys - Form "A"

This collection of survey forms consists mostly of previously created materials that have been scanned in high resolution to maintain the best visual fidelity. Clicking on a area name will open the form in a new browser window. These documents require the free Adobe Acrobat (or compatible) reader software to view and print.

Area A - Central Business District
Area B - Battle Green (part of Battle Green Historic District)
Area C - Hancock-Clarke Area
Area D - Munroe Tavern Historic District
Area E - East Lexington Historic District
Area F - Woburn Street
Area G - Grant / Fletcher / Sheridan & Sherman Streets
Area H - Meriam Hill
Area I - Middle Ridge
Area J - Parker Street / Upper Clarke Street
Area K - Forest Street
Area L - Raymond Street
Area M - Winthrop Road
Area N - Bloomfield Street
Area O - Munroe Hill
Area P - Curve Street
Area Q - Liberty Heights
Area R - Moon Hill
Area S - Peacock Farm
Area T - Concord Avenue
Area U - Five Fields
Area V - Ricci's Lane
Area W - Allen Street
Area X - Carroll Farm
Area Y - Fair Oaks
Area Z - Old Shade Street
Area AI - Lexington Gardens
Area AJ - Meagherville
Area AK - Glen Estates
Area AL - The Grove
Area AM - Rumford Road
Area AN - Upper Turning Mill Road
Area AO - Bedford Street Duplexes
Area AP - Taft Avenue
Area AR - Sacred Heart Parish Complex
Area AS - MH Merriam & Co.
Area AT - Utica Street
Area AU - Lexington Manor
Area AV - Slocum Highland
Area AW - Wellington Estates