Area AO - Bedford Street Duplexes

These four duplexes are located on the east side of Bedford Street, north of Massachusetts Avenue. They were constructed in 1913-1914 as investment properties by William J. Edwards, a Cambridge painter. They were built on land that was formerly part of the Professor Hosea Holt property at 89-91 Bedford Street. William Edwards died in 1917. After his death, his widow Florence sold all but one of the duplexes but continued to live at 89 Bedford Street.

81-83 & 71-79
81-83 and 77-79 Bedford Street

The four buildings - 69-71, 73-75, 77-79 and 81-83 Bedford Street - are interesting examples of the Craftsman style and form a unique cluster. They are identical in plan, stuccoed and capped by steeply-pitched hip roofs with overhanging eaves. Originally the roofs would have been clad in tile or asbestos shingles. Subtle differences in the design of the roof dormers, porch supports and front doors set the buildings apart. The original windows consisted of a multi-light upper sash over a single-paned lower sash.

73-75 Bedford Street
73-75 Bedford Street

73-75 Bedford Street detail 1
73-75 Bedford Street detail 2
73-75 Bedford Street detail 3