Area X - Carroll Farm

The Carroll Farm, located on the west side of Allen Street, is significant as one of the few areas of open farmland remaining in Lexington. Although it is no longer farmed, its open fields enhance the rural character of this part of Lexington.

Carroll Farm - Lexington

This twenty acre plus parcel of land was originally associated with the Munroe-Roberts-Frost farmhouse on the other side of the road at 56 Allen Street.

56 Allen Street
Munroe-Roberts-Frost House, 56 Allen Street

At the edge of the field, the large barn set close to the road is significant as one of the few remaining early 19th century barns in Lexington and is notable for the bridle joint at the ridge pole.

Carroll Farm - Photo 2

The Carroll family bought the field and barn from Moses H. Roberts in the early 20th century and still owns the property today.